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Subjectmodules-2.1.13 segfault


I have a problem with modules-2.1.13. I updated from smoothly runnin'
modules 2.0.0.

'modprobe vfat' leaves the vfat module uninitialized, same with msdos
module. 'insmod fat' is ok but 'insmod vfat' segfaults.
nfs, rd and floppy load ok, but binfmt_aout, binfmt_java and minix stay

Did I miss a patch or some info? I use kernel v2.0.2[67].

BTW, can anyone shortly say what 'segmentation fault' means? Is this a
kind of a general protection fault (and why don't we use this term)?
Sorry for this newbie question, but I didn't deal with kernel hacking (yet).



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