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SubjectRe: source dependencies cleanup (Perl)?

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Cameron MacKinnon wrote:

> There is precedent for this. While you weren't looking, this got stuck
> in the kernel source tree (don't know how long ago, but definitely in
> the 1.3 series):
> ratboy:/usr/src/linux# head drivers/scsi/
> #! /usr/local/bin/perl
> # NCR 53c810 script assembler
> # Sponsored by
> # iX Multiuser Multitasking Magazine
> #
> # Copyright 1993, Drew Eckhardt
> # Visionary Computing
> # (Unix and Linux consulting and custom programming)
> # drew@Colorado.EDU
> Three cheers for Larry Wall!

Of course that's only one driver. :-) In any case, I think what I'm going
to do is develop internally in perl, and then translate either to C (very
easy for me), or back to Bash if people feel strongly against a C
configure program.

I was also thinking today that the _first_ thing Configure does is ask
what type of architecture you have (i386, alpha, etc) and then edit the
main Makefile for you. The only side effect to this that I can see is that
if you change the architecture this way, you won't be able to do something
like "make config dep boot" since the Makefile will have changed after the
config target is built. I don't think this is a severe limitation, and of
course you can always edit the Makefile manually before you configure if
you so choose.

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