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SubjectRe: your mail (fwd)

On Wed, 4 Dec 1996, KRSE wrote:

[ forwarded kernel debugging info snipped ]

This isn't a linux-kernel post, but rather an administrative one.
It would be REALLY nice if people could avoid posting to the list messages
with subject lines like "re: your mail", which seems to happen quite often
from people bouncing personal discussions onto the list. When I see this
sort of title, I cannot tell if the post is from the list or some of my
personal mail, which also often comes bearing similar titles. The only
way I can keep up with linux-kernel is to delete 90% of the stuff I'm not
interested in, and I cannot do that if the titles of the posts are not
meaningful or, like this one, potentially personal mail. I HAVE to check
these posts, because of the titles! Please, try to make your Subject:
lines as meaningful as possible. Thank you.


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