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SubjectRe: Linux VCR driver?

> ok, let me give you some info about arvid (a device able to turn you vhs
> vcr into a backup device). there are 4 sold model ov the board:
> model speed price capacity on minimal harware config
> (kb/s) (usd) a E180 tape req. to ran at full speed
> 1031 200 65 2.1gb 386dx33
> 1051 325 80 3.5gb 486dx100

does anyone know if/where these boards are available in germany
(or at least in europe for mail order) ?

> 1031 is realy something im happy with, exept the thing that i am not able
> to write drivers for linux because i don't want to do reverse engeneering
> on the win/os2 dll. i stil use it from dosemu :)

is there any chance to "pipe" through dosemu so that I can read/write
data from a Linux process ?
or how do you run backups for you Linux partition(s) ?

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