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SubjectRe: source dependencies cleanup?

I'll just add one data point to the discussion for the present, and
leave the rest for later.

"A month of sundays ago Paul Flinders wrote:"
> I'll try to deal with all of the above points together - especially the last.
> I'm afraid that I have to disagree that the time taken for "make depend"
> is short enough to be discounted - it certainly isn't on the machines
> that I have at work.

> i) I disagree with the 0 for "make depend" - on my machines it appears
> to be 5-10% of the time needed for a full build. Therefore the time
> should be 0.65Y - 0.7Y

I just did a "make dep" (using mkdep) on this 133MHz Pentium with
16M Ram (running X, blah, blah .. well, a lot). It took just over a minute.
Actually 26s of user + system time at 33% usage.

% time make dep
16.290u 7.480s 1:12.44 32.8% 0+0k 0+0io 25540pf+0w

I am not going to do a kernel compile right now, but from experience I
know that a new make zImage over an already compiled kernel after a
change of configuration takes 25mins+ a bit on this machine in the same
operating mode as I am in now. A full compile after make clean takes
40mins, I think I recall.

That is a bit below your 5-10%, but not way below. I am estimating

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