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SubjectRe: 64 Bit? (fwd)

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> > This is a fairly simple question, could someone tell me about the 64 bit
> > capabilities of linux? I set up a pentium 133 with slackware, and am
> > running the 2.1.14 kernel. I have 16 meg of ram, with 16 more coming, a
> > gig hd, and a jaz drive. Anyhow, I was intriged when I saw something about
> > linux and 64 bit, so I thought I'd ask. Hope this is ok for this list.
> Linux/AXP, Linux/Sparc and so on are fully 64bit, while Pentium still 32bit.

To be more precise Linux/Sparc (or Sparclinux it's author likes to call it)
is 32 bit when running on 32 bit CPUs. David Miller is currently porting it
to the Ultrasparc, which is a 64 bit CPU, and it will be a 64 bit OS.


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