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Subject2.1.19 and modules
I haven't seen this message last time (2.1.18) but now it's there (I
might have missed it before) ... my joystick module still doesn't work,
but hey i can still use the keyboard :) I don't use many modules in the
kernel so it all works allright for me

this is the messages i get now (when doing dependencies on boot)

Creating module dependencies
*** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.1.19/misc/joystick.o
*** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.1.19/net/bsd_comp.o

and since i load joystick.o in my startup scripts (it didn't work too good
with kerneld), this is what i get

printk undefined
current_set undefined
jiffies undefined
__this_module undefined
xtime undefined
unregister_chrdev undefined
release_region undefined
check_region undefined
register_chrdev undefined
request_region undefined
kernel_version needed, but can't be found

but only in the startup scripts if i go and load the module by itself i
get only

kernel_version needed, but can't be found

here's what uname -a says

rotten:~$ uname -a
Linux rotten 2.1.19 #4 Tue Dec 31 14:47:42 MST 1996 i586

hope this helps something


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