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SubjectRe: Oops in 2.0.24, unknown cause
Hmm, well actually, I took a look at /dev/mem with bpe, and found the 
exact string located where EIP was pointing. The disassembly of the
remainder of the call follows, if it clicks in anybody's mind...

0x804943f <str1>: movl (%edx),%eax
0x8049441 <str1+2>: cmpl $0x1,%eax
0x8049444 <str1+5>: jne 0x80494a4 <str1+101>
0x8049446 <str1+7>: pushf
0x8049447 <str1+8>: popl %esi
0x8049448 <str1+9>: cli
0x8049449 <str1+10>: movl $0x0,(%edx)
0x804944f <str1+16>: cmpl $0x0,0x4c(%edx)
0x8049453 <str1+20>: jne 0x80494a2 <str1+99>
0x8049455 <str1+22>: cmpl $0x0,0x50(%edx)
0x8049459 <str1+26>: je 0x804946a <str1+43>
0x804945b <str1+28>: pushl $0x199ec1
0x8049460 <str1+33>: call 0x804b2be <__fpu_control+7366>
0x8049465 <str1+38>: addl $0x4,%esp
0x8049468 <str1+41>: jmp 0x80494a2 <str1+99>
0x804946a <str1+43>: movl 0x1c7438,%eax
0x804946f <str1+48>: movl 0x4(%eax),%eax
0x8049472 <str1+51>: addl $0x3,%eax
0x8049475 <str1+54>: cmpl %eax,0x4(%edx)
0x8049478 <str1+57>: jle 0x8049484 <str1+69>
0x804947a <str1+59>: movl $0x1,0x1a9940
0x8049484 <str1+69>: incl 0x1ace44
0x804948a <str1+75>: movl 0x1ac154,%eax
0x804948f <str1+80>: movl %eax,0x50(%edx)
0x8049492 <str1+83>: movl %edx,0x4c(%eax)
0x8049495 <str1+86>: movl $0x1ac104,0x4c(%edx)
0x804949c <str1+93>: movl %edx,0x1ac154
0x80494a2 <str1+99>: pushl %esi
0x80494a3 <str1+100>: popf
0x80494a4 <str1+101>: testl %ebx,%ebx
0x80494a6 <str1+103>: je 0x80494ae <str1+111>
0x80494a8 <str1+105>: cmpl %edi,%ebx
0x80494aa <str1+107>: jne 0x8049436 <_fini+4102>
0x80494ac <str1+109>: jmp 0x80494da <str1+155>
0x80494ae <str1+111>: movl 0x4(%ebp),%eax
0x80494b1 <str1+114>: pushl %eax
0x80494b2 <str1+115>: pushl $0x199f2e
0x80494b7 <str1+120>: call 0x804b2be <__fpu_control+7366>
0x80494bc <str1+125>: movl 0x8(%ebp),%ecx
0x80494bf <str1+128>: pushl %ecx
0x80494c0 <str1+129>: pushl $0x199f4c
0x80494c5 <str1+134>: call 0x804b2be <__fpu_control+7366>
0x80494ca <str1+139>: movl 0x8(%ebp),%ecx
0x80494cd <str1+142>: movl (%ecx),%eax
0x80494cf <str1+144>: pushl %eax
0x80494d0 <str1+145>: pushl $0x199f5c
0x80494d5 <str1+150>: call 0x804b2be <__fpu_control+7366>
0x80494da <str1+155>: leal 0xfffffff4(%ebp),%esp
0x80494dd <str1+158>: popl %ebx
0x80494de <str1+159>: popl %esi
0x80494df <str1+160>: popl %edi
0x80494e0 <str1+161>: movl %ebp,%esp
0x80494e2 <str1+163>: popl %ebp
0x80494e3 <str1+164>: ret

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