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SubjectRe: Serious ext2fs problem
Hi all,

In article <> Chris Adams
<> writes:

> In my case, the filesystem error in questions is

> EXT2-fs error (device 08:31): ext2_new_block: Free blocks count
> corrupted for block group 546

> This is on a 10 gig RAID 0 news spool (on a DPT 3224). The system is
> running Linux 2.0.27 + the noatime patch and INN 1.4unoff4. When I run
> e2fsck (1.04 that comes with RedHat 4.0 and 1.06 from tsx-11), no errors
> are reported.

Bad SCSI bus.

This is almost certainly bad hardware, either the disk or the SCSI
bus. I'd check your cables and try pushing the bus speed down to 5
MHz. I have seen almost identical symptoms on a news server myself,
and it turned out to be hardware. The reason you see the free blocks
count message is just that this is one place that the kernel is in a
position to do some self-checking; single-bit errors on the SCSI bus
in other blocks won't normally be detected.

The fact that ext2fs can't find anything wrong does tend to suggest
that it is indeed a bit-flip error when the blocks are coming off
disk. It could also be a memory problem, but either way it's more
symptomatic of system trouble rather than software trouble.

In my case, switching the two disks (history and spool) onto separate
controllers fixed the problem entirely.


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