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SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: for lovers of penguins...

An Oswego newspaper reports that bored penguins near the Falkland
Islands have devised what they consider a marvelous new game. Noting that
local RAF pilots are fascinated by penguins, they gather on a local beach
that the pilots like to fly around and slowly watch the gathering penguins.
Perhaps two dozen planes fly around in unison, watching the penguins. As the
penguins turn their heads, the planes fly slowly along the beach, like
spectators of a slow motion tennis match. Then, the paper reports, the
penguins rotate their heads completely over, falling onto their backs, and
the planes go over them entirely, to the great amusement of the gathered
--Antarctica Daily

PS: Merry New Year

In the news today: A fire tore through Bob Dole's library. Both books
were destroyed, and he hadn't even finished coloring one yet.
-- Jack Kemp

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Bill Bogstad wrote:

> A relative who occassionally makes trips to Antarctica and has seen
> his share of penguins forwarded me the following...
> >Here is one I think you'all can relate too.
> >
> >A Mexican newspaper reports that bored Royal Air Force pilots stationed on
> >the Falkland Islands have devised what they consider a marvelous new game.
> >Noting that the local penguins are fascinated by airplanes, the pilots
> >search out a beach where the birds are gathered and fly slowly along it at
> >the water's edge. Perhaps ten thousand penguins turn their heads in unison
> >watching the planes go by, and when the pilots turn around and fly back, the
> >birds turn their heads in the opposite direction, like spectators at a
> >slow-motion tennis match. Then, the paper reports, "The pilots fly out to
> >sea and directly to the penguin colony and over fly it. Heads go up, up,
> >up, and ten thousand penguins fall over gently onto their backs."
> > --Audubon Society Magazine
> Bill Bogstad

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