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SubjectRe: Serious ext2fs problem
>    I've found there are some errors which the kernel detects, but the
> _latest_ fsck doesn't (and therefore can't repair). To cure one recurring
> error, I ended up re-mkfs on the partition :-(
> Perhaps fsck (ext2) needs an update?
> How about a full and complete description of the problem, so I have a
> chance of figuring out what sort update (if any) fsck needs?
> The most common "problem" that we've come across is when an inode gets
> corrupted such that the immutable flag is set, and people can't remove
> it using unlink(). (You need to use chattr to clear the immutable flag
> first). But that's not a filesystem or fsck bug, but rather a user
> misunderstanding.....
> - Ted

Sorry, as I didn't have the time to wait for an upgrade, I had
to solve the problem the only way I could figure.

I don't recall the exact message, but it was something about a field
length being 0.

Isn't it possible to look at the kernel code and make sure that all
errors the kernel reports are addressed by fsck?

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
XFree86 Matrox Team

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