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SubjectRe: Supermount hang

On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 06:35:52 -0600 (CST), Supreme Geek
<> said:

> Not sure if this is a well known problem, but I patched a stock 2.0.25
> kernel with the supermount 0.4c patch for 2.0.23 and up and rebooted. I
> added the example lines from supermount.readme to /etc/fstab and then
> started playing. First, as a user, I played around with the floppy
> drive, inserting and removing it and doing ls type things. Then, I
> tried to access the floppy as another user and got a permission denied
> message. Looking at the directory, I saw that it was owned by the last
> user to access the floppy, mode 700. This is ok, but when I did (as
> root now) an ls of the floppy drive, the machine hung completely. The
> floppy light was on, but nothing got written to any logfiles (or even to
> the screen.) Did I do something bad? I.e., is it not a Good Thing for
> multiple users to be accessing the floppy sequentially?

If multiple users are accessing the device, then the expected
behaviour is that it will be mounted as the UID of the first user to
access the disk (unless you have overridden this with a "uid=" option
on the mount command line). That ought to work fine.

Are you running kerneld? There are known bad interactions between
supermount and kerneld under 2.0.27.


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