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SubjectRe: detecting > 64M on x86

I know I've seen the formula posted here before, how is the RAM to Cache
Ram computed?

Reason I wonder is I have 2 web servers and a news server with 64 meg and
512k of cache. Can I go to 128 meg on these?


On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Would there be a point in reporting the amount of cachable memory? I don't know
> > if any other part of the kernel is designed to have a use for that (i.e. "fast
> > pages" and "slow pages").
> Yes. We can a) refuse to use the uncached pages and b) stick up a boot
> message explaining why. Some of us are getting fed up of "I've put over 64Mb
> in my trition motherboard and now it runs like shit" queries...
> Alan

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