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SubjectSerious ext2fs problem
I think there is a bug in ext2fs.  I have a news server that has a DPT
3224 RAID adapter with a 10G RAID 0 array attached. I am running RedHat
4.0, Linux 2.0.27, and INN 1.4unoff4. I also have applied the "noatime"
patch to the kernel, and mount the news spool with the noatime option.
From time to time, INN will think the disk is full because it gets an
error trying to write. The kernel log has lines like:

EXT2-fs error (device 08:31): ext2_new_block: Free blocks count corrupted for block group 546

in it when this happens (device 8:31 is /dev/sdd1, which is the RAID
disk). I have shutdown INN, unmounted the disk, and run fsck on it, but
that never finds any errors. I also re-made the filesystem on it once,
and that seemed to help for a while, but now I am getting errors again,
and fsck won't fix them.

Two questions:
1) How can I fix the filesystem?
2) How can I fix the system so this doesn't happen?

Is there a problem with the noatime patch that could cause this? I can
email the patch to anyone who wants to see it.
Chris Adams -
System Administrator - Renaissance Internet Services

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