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SubjectRe: automatic reboots
In article <>,
Sean Utt <> wrote:
>Is there any possibility that a true serial boot at the "lilo" level is
>going to be available any time soon for linux on intel platforms? That
>would make this less of a problem for all us remote administrators. The
>ability to dial in and boot into single user mode would be helpful in
>itself, but the option of booting different kernels remotely, and
>interracting with the system during boot would be even more helpful.

This is already part of lilo. Just specify something like

serial=1,9600n8 (ttyS1, 9600 baud, no parity, 8bits)

in the general section of lilo.conf and you have the LILO prompt on both
the VGA console and the serial port.

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