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SubjectRe: Sockets in "CLOSING" state...

Chris Saia wrote this:

>With the recent kernels 2.1.10--2.1.14, I've been finding a few sockets are
>getting stuck in the "CLOSING" state. In such a state, both the Recv-Q and
>Send-Q have 1 byte in them. I've also found a socket stuck in "FIN_WAIT2"
>for over a day now. More often than not, the CLOSING sockets involve the auth
>inet service (identd)... but, I've seen the problem also with other services,
>such as pop3 (on another's system) and smtp.

aha! that'd be my system.. check this out:

elfie:~$ netstat
Active Internet connections
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (State)

tcp 0 0 CLOSE
tcp 0 0 CLOSE
tcp 0 0 CLOSE
tcp 0 0 CLOSE

(er.. one additional gets stuck in CLOSE every 5min [that's teh interval for

all the dead sockets poof when i kill popclient and restart it (i now have
that as a cron job on the hour)

>I'm currently running kernel 2.1.14, libc 5.4.13, gcc, and ppp driver
>version 2.2.0f (PPP support is compiled directly into the kernel.)

diffs: i run, gcc 2.7.2, ppp as a module.

>Any ideas? I'm concerned that if my system goes long periods between reboots,
>inetd may crash, or my system may hang... is this a valid worry?

before i stuck the cron job in to restart the popclient, these dead sockets
would linger until my connection died.

'kay bye.
Yakko [again, Chris is too lazy to change the sig..]

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