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SubjectRe: GB vs. MB

Kevin Lentin wrote this:
>Mark H. Wood Wrote ...
>> >
>> > Yes. Real tools should display real information.
>> Amen. The sheep will continue to buy Win95 anyway. Let more refined
>> operating systems appeal to more discriminating tastes. It's not like
>> the stockholders are going to call for our replacement if sales are down. :-)
>Ummm, Win95 (be it a real tool or not) uses _real_ megabytes: 2^20. So, if
>Linux were to change it would probably be the only OS out there that has
>conceded to the drive manufacturers. If Microsoft can hold out, then we
>certainly can.

i'm not sure that changing the definition of 1GB to be 1000*1000000 is the
Right Thing. as far as i'm concerned, the hard drive manufacturers'
marketroids screwed up, and 1GB _is_ 1024*1048576..

'kay bye.
Yakko [who's too lazy to alter his sig to make it Chris's..]

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