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SubjectRe: Intel EtherExpress Pro (making it work)

> > I'm sure I'm missing something that I should have done, so please someone
> > point it out to me.. I will be very appreciative (its probably something
> > extra I have to do to turn on the EEPro driver during the kernel compile..

> Haven't personally looked at the EEPro patch but if it is intended to be
> used as a module it should probably be used as one...the error code may
> have been due to older modules utilities/binaries (i.e. insmod) being
> installed and the fact that module support was a little strange in the
> earlier development (2.1.x series) kernels. Get the updated modules utils
> at <*.tar.gz>
> and while you are there grab the latest kernel src. tree, (either 2.1.13
> or 2.1.14 - both seem _very_ stable for me).

> > I would gladly upgrade my module package and everything else if I could
> > get on the network :)... Kind of an chicken & egg problem..

> network access but I would assume you can get e-mail if you sent
> this messages, correct? If you need to I can drop the src's to you as
> attachments.

Yeah I have access to the network via Windoze95, but installing the module
package by disk would be a big pain.. Ill do it if I have to, but it looks
like I won't have to since the author just wrote back about how to get the
driver to work :).. Thanks anyhow

-Vermont Rutherfoord

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