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SubjectRe: 64 Bit?


Just a little note on 133 clock rates. Linux (and possibly other 32-bit
Os'es) has a little *hic-up* with 133Mhz because of some "funny math"
that's done to get the clock-rate up to 133. We're migrating off a 133
as we speak down to a 100 and increasing RAM and CACHE to compensate.
Typical kernel upgrades for us have been usually a 4 to 5 hour deal
because the root partition was hit and being stuck recovering files from
either backup tape or the lost+found after a few e2fsck's. I'm solely
speaking from our experiences in-house; but I thought I'ld pass that
on. Has anyone else had *fun* with 133's?

-- dave
EleComm Corporation
David N. Cicalo
DBA your global Linux @

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