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SubjectRe: 64 Bit?

> > This is a fairly simple question, could someone tell me about the 64 bit
> > capabilities of linux? I set up a pentium 133 with slackware, and am
> > running the 2.1.14 kernel. I have 16 meg of ram, with 16 more coming, a
> > gig hd, and a jaz drive. Anyhow, I was intriged when I saw something about
> > linux and 64 bit, so I thought I'd ask. Hope this is ok for this list.
> Linux/AXP, Linux/Sparc and so on are fully 64bit, while Pentium still 32bit.

Wrong on the SPARC count. The sun4c and sun4m architectures that Linux
currently runs on are plain old 32 bit. SparcLinux will not run on the
Ultra (sun4u) architecture 64bit machines until work (in progress) is


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