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SubjectRe: GB vs. MB

Kevin Lentin wrote:
> Ummm, Win95 (be it a real tool or not) uses _real_ megabytes: 2^20. So, if
> Linux were to change it would probably be the only OS out there that has
> conceded to the drive manufacturers. If Microsoft can hold out, then we
> certainly can.

true !

and even some drive manufacturers are talking about millions
of bytes (!)... so why bother. Do it The Right Way (and it's
rare but...) and follow Microsoft (tsss tss tss... not
too far)... GB are 2^30 !

PLEASE : every time I got a message in this thread, I
thought "will they stop ?", and I'm starting to post
too... so the question is now : what do the concerned
guy think about this, considered what has been "discussed"
these last days (yes, the one who maintain this code)


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