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SubjectRe: Encrypted Filesystems (was: signing fs's) (fwd)
Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> >Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> <snip>
> >> about this: The computer contains a simple card with cmos like memory
> >> (and power source).. It contains the magic key... It's attached to a
> >> microswitch on the case... If the case is opened then it 'forgets' the

Sorry, I thought you meant the case of the cmos on the card.

> and hex edit security policies.. :) But before we go about securing the
> hardware I'd think that there would need to be a big overhaul of system
> security... The vms like discussions going on a bit back seemed smart...

Agreed, but you have to start somewhere...

> As for the exportability of hashes... Considering it reletivly easy to
> build a good block cipher from a hash, it prob wont be long until some
> countries outlaw them too... :)

I'd guess that would be VERY unpopular.



(PS. Your From: field seems to be broken...)
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