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SubjectIP Masquerading on 2.1.17 broken converting UDP to TCP?
I haven't been having any luck with IP Masquerading in 2.1.17.  I've
applied the patch posted by Chris Faylor.
I'm using diald to bring up a PPP connection, and that part's working fine.
My linux box can communicate fine. When I try and talk from my win95 box,
here's the results of a name lookup with the IP masquerading debug output
turned on:

Dec 29 10:48:21 valkyrie kernel: Outgoing UDP A00000A:480 -> C7F21704:35
Dec 29 10:48:21 valkyrie kernel: O-routed from CE811328:EEEA over ppp0
Dec 29 10:48:21 valkyrie kernel: Incoming UDP C7F21704:35 -> CE811328:EEEA
Dec 29 10:48:21 valkyrie kernel: I-routed to A00000A:480

That looks ok I think. The part that I don't think looks ok, is on my win95
box, with incoming UDP packets (according to this debug output) the
incoming UDP packet count doesn't change, the outgoing UDP packet count
does, as does the incoming TCP packet count. Is the header getting switched

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