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SubjectRe: "legal" advice required
On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Clifford T. Matthews wrote:


> It's not sufficient to detail all that one is able to determine. You
> must detail all that is required, and as a functional specification.
> If the bits that are being loaded are indeed tables for some finite
> state machine, then you can't specify the bits, but you can describe
> the machine and detail what transitions need to be made and why.
> --Cliff
It may be sufficient, in a functional specification, to treat an object
as a "black-box". For instance, I may wish to communicate with a terminal
using RS-232C. I may not be familiar with the standard. I could, therefore,
detail the true/false pulses with their time intervals necessary to send
a particular character, without any knowledge whatsover of what the character
was nor the baud-rate. Such a specification might detail the procedure
necessary to "reset the terminal", without any idea that I had actually sent
a ^Z to the terminal.

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