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SubjectRe: TCP/IP speed in 2.1.17

>>>>> "hb" == Hildo Biersma <> writes:

hb> Hi All,

hb> I have an application that uses TCP/IP to communicate with an NT
hb> host running the Solid database server. When I ran the app on
hb> 2.1.17 yesterday, it was some 10 times slower than I'm used to,
hb> with database fetch results coming in very slowly. When I
hb> rebooted to 2.0.27, the application ran at its normal speed.

hb> When running Linux 2.1.17 and performing database queries, the NT
hb> server seems to be busy with TCP/IP (according to the NT
hb> performace monitor). When running Linux 2.0.17, the NT server
hb> performs far less TCP/IP activity.

The same happens to me against a linux 2.0.20 Server when i'm using
the Solid Database server. The database runs on 2.0.20 server, the
client on a 2.1.16 box. tcpdump shows, that the client is transmitting
TCP ACKS as fast as possible. The server is so busy receiving the
ACK's that the NFS part of this server disappears from the net for
short times. If anybody wants a can provide a tcpdump log. This is
absolute reproducable.
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