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SubjectRe: Programming question
On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Andi Gutmans wrote:

> Hey,
> Sorry to ask this kind of question on linux-kernel but I haven't found
> anything on newsgroups and linux documentation sites.
> Does anyone have a list of ioctl functions with explanations?
> not /usr/include/asm/ioctls.h :)
> I'm especially using for functions related to tty's.
> TIA,
> Andi

For console ioctls, check out section 4 of the manual. (Look in
/usr/man/man4). Most of the other IOCTLs, I believe, can be deduced by
looking into the driver code for the device you're interested in.

For those that perhaps don't have console_ioctl(4), I've gone ahead and
attached a compressed version. It's 1419 bytes (5.5K after MIME), so I
don't figure it'll spam the list much.

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