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SubjectRe: automatic reboots

Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

> The root fs is corrupted - this is "not a good thing".
I know, but not being able to get to it is also "not a good thing."

> One way to avoid this is by making a root fs that is read-only.
> Using CD-ROM is best, but a ro partition will do, and a RAMDISK for
> booting should fix your situation.
I am actually considering this option - I've been working on making a
firewall based on a CDROM (on my "free time" - what the heck only $8 -
$9 I could burn them often with new root passwds and acls.) I could set
this machine up to boot off a floppy (or off the CDROM... hmm...) then
use a HD for the writable area. Upon fsck failure, I can have it go
into a pseudo single/multi user state with the HD unmounted and
networking up.

> This will require changes to the default set of start-up scripts,
> as they expect that the root fs is read-write.
Thanks anyways. Just hadn't thought of using the CDROM for this
implementation! Thanks for getting my mind unstuck!

To err is human, to moo bovine.

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