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SubjectRe: Linux on a MCA-NCR 80386

> First problem: it's not possible for me to compile the kernel with only
> MCA-support include and PCI-support not. GCC complains about things he was
> not finding while compiling bios32.c -- so I went and included PCI-support
> too. Fine.

This bug with 2.1.16 and 2.1.17 affects anyone not using PCI. I think
I've seen patches for it posted to linux-kernel. Check on for them.

> Next problem: the compile went trough and left me with a about 12kB (no
> typo!) big zImage (make zImage). As I don't want to upgrade all the things
> mentioned in Documentation/Changes, I've looked around in the source to
> find the difference between 2.1.16 and 2.0.25. I found it in
> arch/i386/Makefile, line 31. There it says 'IMAGE_OFFSET=0xC0100000' and
> I've changed it back to 'IMAGE_OFFSET=0x100000' as it was in 2.0.25. Now I
> get a zImage which is about 415kB big. Very nice.

I don't know whether your fix is a good one or not. When I had this same
problem, I was advised to update binutils. Fetching version from corrected it for me.
Trevor Johnson <>

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