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Subjectlp module trouble

Hi. First of all, Mery Christmas Linus and all! :-) :-) :-)

And then let's go into troubles. :) Ok, printer driver in Linux (2.0.27) is
mad. It losts every second character. To print, I have to use this

while((c=getchar())!=EOF) { putchar(c); putchar(c); }

and do this program < filename > /dev/lp1. In this case, lp driver works as
expected, but sometimes losts characters (even doubled!), and sometimes
generates double-one. When I'm cping gfx file on printer (made from "output
to file rather than printer" option in editor), on the end of almost every
line I get two or more "@", "?" and so on. Printer is Epson LQ-1000, 100%
ok, works under dos or mustdie perfeclty. So, I'm not able to get rid of
mustdie. I have to boot it to print smth, and this is really boring. :~(

Any suggestions ?


Washmachine system administrator
Egor Egorov is powered by Linux - the choice of a GNU generation.

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