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    SubjectRe: /proc/net/arp

    On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, A.N.Kuznetsov wrote:

    > Try to enable "total" proxy arp:
    > arp -s netmask "" dev eth0
    > (excuse me for "wrong" syntax, I forgot how it is made in net-tools's arp:
    > the idea is to set wildcard proxy entry on eth0)
    > Now your router will answer to ALL arp requests,
    > this nice facility exists since ~2.0.0.
    > If you know, what prefixes should be proxied, you can limit the range:
    > arp -s A.B.C.0 netmask "" dev eth0
    > How it works. When router receives an arp request, it looks
    > up its routing table, and if route goes via different interface
    > and a matching entry in proxy arp table is found, it answers.
    > Simple, smart and powerful. (I stole the idea from Cisco IOS 8-))

    Thanks I'll try it. As usual, as soon as I write code to perform some
    kind of service, it's OBSOLETE!!!!

    > There is no other way to read it. I said "bad idea" not about
    > reading /proc/net/arp, but on using arp cache for taking routing
    > decisions.

    Well I know that if there is host aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd in the arp cache at the
    remote server, and it's got no way "out", it has got to be proxy-arp(ed)
    and routed via my local PPP server. Seems to work fine. I play the "decnet"
    trick of updating routing at about 2 second intervals. If the remote
    host is shut down, the proxy-arp entries and the routing goes down in
    4 seconds instead of waiting for the arp-cache to expire. This lets an
    incomming mail server message, for instance, know that the host is not
    reachable so it doesn't have a long timeout. It will try again later.

    > > This IS the broadcast address.....
    > >
    > Thank you! I found this bug. You can apply this patch or
    > just make something sort of:
    > Alexey Kuznetsov.

    Okay! I will apply the patch.

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