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Subjectunkillable processes in 2.0.27 ?

I have been trying to setup a box using token ring (yes, token ring) cards
that will be a firewall. The problem is that whenever I try to ifconfig
the interface the ifconfig process will hang, and I can't kill it.

This is with Red Hat 4.0, using, and net-tools 1.32-alpha
that came with it. The computer is an IBM PC 350 - P100 and the card is
an IBM 16/4 ISA Token Ring card (16bit) - I have 2 cards by the way and
they both react the same way. This occurs both with the ibmtr as a module and
compiled into the kernel.

What happens is this: when I insert the module (or boot up) the device comes
up perfectly. It gives out all of the info correctly for IO, irq, etc that
was setup on the board. I can't imagine it is a conflict because I have
set this same computer up w/ne2000 cards during testing w/exact same settings
and it works perfectly. A cat of /proc/net/dev shows tr0 is there also.

So then I try: ifconfig tr0 broadcast netmask up. And the ifconfig never returns. It just sits there and
CTRL-C won't kill it and kill -9's won't kill it. A ps aux shows its STAT
to be D. The computer doesn't lock up or anything, and syslog doesn't say
anything about the ifconfig attempt (it does show the interface coming up
originally with the modprobe though.) There are no other error or info
messages at all on that console or in the logs about the ifconfig.

I did an strace and it shows this (last few lines):
open("/etc/networks", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
ioctl(3, SIOCSIFADDR, 0xbffffcc4) = 0
ioctl(3, SIOCGIFFLAGS, 0xbffffc7c) = 0

and it hangs right there.

Does any of this mean anything to anybody? If you need more info I can send
the entire strace.

This originally happened w/2.0.18 fm Red Hat and I just assumed this failure
was related to the problems people had w/httpd and other processes getting
hung up and being unkillable. So I got 2.0.27, but still the same prob.
Also, I got the net-tools 1.32-alpha src & compiled ifconfig myself just
to be sure that wasn't it, and in a last desperate move I even backed down
to to see if that would help, but nothing changed with either.
I am only trying this with one card also (I know the driver doesn't like 2.)
If anybody needs information or for me to try something I'll be more than
happy to, I really need to get this working.

Is this a kernel bug or some quirk in Token Ring? Feel free to flambe me
if this is just some stupid thing I've done wrong (as long as you include
how to fix it :)

Thanks everybody and Happy Holidays,
Mitch Adair

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