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SubjectTCP/IP speed in 2.1.17

Hi All,

I have an application that uses TCP/IP to communicate with an NT
host running the Solid database server. When I ran the app on 2.1.17
yesterday, it was some 10 times slower than I'm used to, with database
fetch results coming in very slowly. When I rebooted to 2.0.27, the
application ran at its normal speed.

When running Linux 2.1.17 and performing database queries, the NT server
seems to be busy with TCP/IP (according to the NT performace monitor).
When running Linux 2.0.17, the NT server performs far less TCP/IP

Is this a known problem, that will go away after a recompile or using a
new libc? Or is this a kernel problem?

If any networking guru wants me to measure what's going on, or what's
going wrong, please mail me - I would like this problem to be cleared

Regards, Hildo Biersma /
"First, we kill all the mimes." -- Tom Christiansen.

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