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SubjectRe: IOMEGA ZIP & LINUX; can't boot from AHA2840

Shawn Rutledge writes:
>This does not interfere with the kernel's ability to find the two SCSI
>drives, once it has booted off an IDE drive. But I wanted to switch
>over to having it boot off the SCSI drive to gain the speed (it benchmarks
>at 3-4 times faster). I figured LILO probably needs that BIOS installed,
>and that the BIOS provides it the ability to read specific sectors off
>the disk to load the kernel. Right? So, any ideas on how to make it load?

As far as I know, a SCSI drive can only be made bootable if there are
not other IDE drives in the connected, even if those drives are non-bootable.

Just my $0.02


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