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On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, Jose M. Laveda wrote:

> kernel 2.0.12 Documentation about this unit and I'd like to know if
> Linux has any problem in the 'real' world with this kind of device,

You will probably find that the computer slows down when accessing the
drive, and that can get a bit annoying.

> maybe someone with experience ... At the moment I must only have the
> printer daemon and the zip driver as a modules and insmod/rmmod them
> each time I want to use it, no? (I have a single paralel port on my
> machine).

That will work, but I have a patch (on
that will allow you to compile both ppa (for the Zip) and lp into the
kernel at the same time. It's against 2.1.15, but should work for many of
the newer kernels (2.1.x, maybe 2.0.x).


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