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SubjectRe: name space analysis and patches, 2.1.17

Gerd Knorr ( wrote:

: Seems you did'nt got the point why they are *not* static: They allow to
: give ioport and interrupt while loading a module using something like

: insmod io=0x260 irq=11 wrt.o

: And probably this is inside a #ifdef MODULE, so you hav'nt problems with
: name clashes when compiling it into the kernel...

insmod will let you set the value of a static symbol -- there is no
need to make a parameter external. I've always coded these as static
on moral grounds.

I think cleaning up all these external definitions is an excellent
idea, even if it doesn't cause any obvious problems with modules as
they are currently used. My reason is that I'm setting up a system
for linking modules into the kernel, and in this case, these name
clashes *will* cause trouble.

-- Dave Hinds

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