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SubjectRe: How do I kill a process that is locked to a resource

Zip drives get a lock (prevent medium removal?) command when they are
mounted, much like CDROMs. You need a umount to unlock the drive.

What has been happening (I found a ground loop with a new printer) is that
the SCSI bus would lock in the middle of a transfer - the req/ack would
not be recognized. This goes to an adaptec driver in DMA mode, which
seems not to timeout with this condition, and if I do something drastic
like cycle power on the disk, it eventually stops the command, but then
insists on completing the other 4000 transactions my last command implied
before it will return, and each of those will take a minute or so to
timeout. After getting an error, it may want to abandon the other parts
of a scatter-gather transfer instead of continuing (or the e2fs driver
needs to not continue if that is what is doing it).

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Dirk Moerenhout wrote:

> Concerning ZIP.
> I use a 2.0.27 kernel and the included ppa and such. My ZIP does not open
> when i press the button and it's still mounted. The button works like a
> button on most CD-ROM-drives. Software can lock. I guess what my ZIP does
> is how it's supposed to be while using ZIP?
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