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SubjectRe: NT vulnerable to attack on CPU

Fabio Yeon wrote:

> Hum, I wouldn't go there... Last I recall, Linux had the same problem with
> this bit of code, spawning processes exponentially until system grinds to a
> halt...
> main() {
> while(1) {
> fork();
> }
> }

I ran that under 2.1.17 and was rewarded with multiple oopses,
interspersed with "trying to free free IRQ 3...[oops]...trying to free
free IRQ 4" messages. Afterward, I was able to switch virtual consoles,
but nothing else (ctrlaltdel or typing into tcsh/mingetty) worked. None
of it got into the syslog and I didn't bother writing it down, but would
be glad to do so if anyone asks.
Trevor Johnson <>

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