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SubjectFloppy drives, removable media and Linux

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Nathan Bryant wrote:

> > would imagine. The problem of knowing what diskette was in the drive
> > still remains: the layered methodology might prevent the driver from
> > knowing anything specific about the filesystem to tell it what disk is
> > present (eg. serial numbers, etc.).
> Remember those VFS: Disk change detected... messages? The floppy drive has
> the Zip drive. So we can use the hardware to detect whether a disk change
> has occurred; we don't need to resort to checking serial numbers.

Yes. However, the kernel does not know that the CORRECT disk has been
reinserted. The disk change line only says a diskette has been removed
and possibly another put back in. The Macintosh, for example, knows what
disk is in the drive at all times, even when one must disk flip: it
examines the volume name and rejects the disk if it is the wrong one.

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