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SubjectRe: Bogomips... (WAS AMD)

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Charlie Ross wrote:

> But now I have a new question...
> I noticed that 2 AMD-P75 chips were clocking 66 and 75 bogomips...
> What is a bogomip? and why does my current REAL pentium 100 only clock 39

'bogomips' is only used for micro timing in the kernel. As it only is
mesured on executing a small loop of 2 or 3 instructions, it doesn't
say anything on the real performance of the chip.
Hence a chip with bogo=39 may perform better than a chip with bogo=75.

> as apposed to 75 from a souped up 486 running at 75mhz... Sure makes me
> want to go and get an AMD...

BTW Each CPU-chip has its market and anyone is free to buy the one or
the other.
But to want 'the one' behaving exactly as 'the other' is nonsense.
The kernel just checks how to deal with the chip, nothing more.
... and if the kernel can deal, the 'chip owner' should be happy. ;-)


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