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SubjectRe: AMD (fwd)

Rob Glover ( wrote:

: Pentium = All Pentium optizmizations
: AMD 5x86 = All 486 Stuff, no Pentium stuff.

: A Pentium is a Pentium, a AMD5x86 is a 486, just made run to quadrupled in
: speed, no added Pentium instructions or anything.... AMD5x86 can do
: everything a 486 can, but can't do everything a Pentium can, because it
: dosen't have any Pentium instructions. here are answers to your
: questions, in order:

: 1) No. AMD5x86 only has 486 instructions. Pentium has Pentium
: instructions.

: 2) A AMD5x86 can't do everything a Pentium can, because it doen't have
: any Pentium instructions.

: 3) I would say the Pentium is worth the extra $$$. If you get that 5x86
: now, you'll regret it later down the road. If you get the Pentium,
: you'll regret it a lot later down the road :>

: Hope this clarifies things :>

I'd say that this response does absolutely nothing to clarify things.
Sure, a Pentium is a Pentium, and an AMD5x86 is not. Thanks for
pointing that out to us. Now, as far as I know, there are no user
level instructions in the Pentium that are not found in the 486. So,
an AMD5x86 can do *essentially* everything a Pentium can. It should
more or less be just a question of how the AMD performs on specific

Can anyone shed some light on the relative performance of an AMD5x86?

-- Dave Hinds

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