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SubjectRe: Why doesn't Apache/Stronghold like Linux 2.0.x?

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, David N. Cicalo wrote:

> > You can try kernel 2.0.28 when it comes out.
> > It should be "more stable" than 2.0.27 :)
> As suggested by another user, removing the STATS and INFO modules in
> Apache/ Stringhold has solved the problem without making any other
> changes. It's a simple modification in the the Makefile and a
> recompile.

I think you'll find that wasn't the problem. I'd been running without
those modules and was seeing Apache 1.1.1 cease to fork and answer
requests. I recently added both those modules so I can sort of keep an
eye on the status. I've heard we should upgrade to 1.2b2 or that we
should do that _and_ define BROKEN_WAIT. I'm not sure what if either will
solve the problem. BROKEN_WAIT looks like it adds some sanity checking to
make sure server slots don't "vanish".

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