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SubjectFloppy problem

(This is more rehashing the floppy drive problem.)

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Peter T. Breuer wrote:

> I can tell you that I am using 2.0.25, and that last week - in the
> course of looking at 100+ students work on floppy - I forgot to umount
> fd0 at least ten times before mecahnically ejecting the diskette. No
> problem. I don't think I ever put a new floppy in, or at least never
> mounted it, before remembering that I was one umount behind where I
> should be, but I still never had anything approaching a panic. Just
> a polite note from mount once or twice to remind me that the drive was
> already mounted.

Yes, you can do all sorts of gyrations with the disk. You have to do
exactly what I described to be hit by a panic: change the disk for
another and then access the disk. Any other fooling around accomplishes
nil. Actually, accessing the disk while it is removed will yield the
affected floppy unit useless and a D state process.

> I must say that I think ejecting the disk ought to magically umount the
> drive! Can this be done via kerneld? It seems not - it's all wrong.
> The kernel gets notified but not via a demand for a device ...

Can't. The floppy drive hardware is backward and stupid. It does not
notify when a disk is removed, it notifies (if you check!!) if a disk
change has occurred.

William Burrow -- Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
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