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SubjectRe: How do I kill a process that is locked to a resource

Sorry for the trivia ...

> On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, Nathan Bryant wrote:
> > There's no oops, at least on 2.0.27, but there is a panic. And process
> > will deadlock as you've described.
> Hmm, last time I tried this was back in 1.1.x days, but wasn't willing to
> try it again. :) A cursory examination of floppy.c shows it is interrupt
> driven, so timeouts would have to be done by semaphores and such like, I
> would imagine. The problem of knowing what diskette was in the drive

I can tell you that I am using 2.0.25, and that last week - in the
course of looking at 100+ students work on floppy - I forgot to umount
fd0 at least ten times before mecahnically ejecting the diskette. No
problem. I don't think I ever put a new floppy in, or at least never
mounted it, before remembering that I was one umount behind where I
should be, but I still never had anything approaching a panic. Just
a polite note from mount once or twice to remind me that the drive was
already mounted.

I must say that I think ejecting the disk ought to magically umount the
drive! Can this be done via kerneld? It seems not - it's all wrong.
The kernel gets notified but not via a demand for a device ...

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