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Subjectre: AMD

I've complemented benchmarks results with the landmark 2.0
utility (landmrk3.exe) in DOS. Though I can't vouch for the meaning of
the individual results, overall it does show how different CPUs fare.
If some of you have that benchmark .exe and have results with other cpu's
(I'm looking for 6x86, AMD K5 and faster Pentium) please mail em to me!

Nicolas St-Pierre

Here's an excerpt:

5x86 were tested in a generic PCI motherboard with 256k of
write-back cache. Pentium were tested in a HOT-541 generic board with Triton
chipset and 256k of standard cache. Video card used for the tests was a
Trident 9440 PCI 1mb DRAM card. This card does not appear to have been
designed to run at a 40mhz bus speed, hence the low results with 5x86-120.
The AMD 5x86 was testing in a generic VLB/PCI board with 256k of standard
cache and an ATI Mach 64 DRAM video card. It was overclocked to 160mhz (vs
the normal 133mhz) yielding better scores than a true P90 in some tests.

Chips used were a Cyrix 5x86-P75 (100mhz) and an Intel Pentium 120mhz. The
Intel chip unfortunately refused to be overclocked, even to only 133mhz.

The Cyrix 5x86-P90 (120mhz) running cpu register setting driver was on
an Asus PVI-486-SP3 motherboard w/ 256kb cache using a VLB S3 Vision 968.

Benchmarks were performed with Landmark Speed Test v2.0

Chip CPU FPU Video
---- ---- ---- -------
AMD 486DX4-120 (40mhz bus) 402.35 1025.61 11045
Cyrix5x86-P75 (33mhz bus) 426.51 1079.56 7864 (chars/sec)
P75 (25mhz bus) 433.86 1265.79 8936
AMD 5x86P75 (33mhz bus) 447.08 1139.64 9273
AMD 5x86-OC150mhz (50mhz b) 502.96 1282.10 12766
5x86-P90 (40mhz bus) 511.86 1295.40 4795*
5x86-P90 (40mhz bus) 511.86 1338 11045 ***
P90 (30mhz bus) 520.65 1519.02 10570
AMD 5x86-OC160mhz (40mhz b) 536.47 1367.49 7680 *
AMD 5x86-OC160mhz (40mhz b) 536.47 1367.49 11045
AMD 5x86-OC160mhz (40mhz b) 536.47 1367.49 12136 **
5x86-P90 (40mhz bus) 564.74 1540.36 12288 + **
P100 (25mhz bus) 578.48 1687.74 8936
P100 (33mhz bus) 578.48 1687.74 11565
P120 (30mhz bus) 694.21 2025.36 10570

* With Trident 9440 VLB card (may also have problems on 40mhz bus)
** With Orchid Fahrenheit ProVideo64 VRAM VLB card (S3 968)
*** C5x86-120 in PCI/VLB motherboard with mach 64
+ Running Peter N. Moss 5x86 lowlevel driver in dos
+ Running the cx5x86.o module in Linux by Edwin Lim Aun Whei

> ----original message from follows----
> Does anyone know much about AMD chips?... I am looking arround and found a
> decent deal on a AMD AM5x86-P75...
> Are there any major differences between this and a noormal pentium... will
> linux like it? more? less? different?
> Thanks!
> -Chuck
> (717)-337-8212
> "God is real, unless declared integer."

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