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SubjectRe: How do I kill a process that is locked to a resource

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Nathan Bryant wrote:

> Hacking the kernel to "really kill" something is not the solution. An
> unkillable process indicates an error somewhere else.

The error could indeed be in the kernel, as you went on to point out for
your SCSI problem.

This unkillable process/unusable device deadlock does occur for floppy
drives and externally powered devices (eg Zip drives). In the latter
case, the power supply to the Zip drive could accidentally be yanked
out. If the user does not notice this, then a process that accesses the
drive will cause the deadlock. A reboot will be necessary.

In the case of the floppy drive, if one does the DOS-ish thing of popping
out a diskette and putting another in while the first is still mounted,
then one not only gets the deadlock when accessing the floppy again, but
also an Oops.

William Burrow -- Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
Copyright 1996 William Burrow
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