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SubjectRe: IP forwarding broken in 2.1.16 ?

> I have a machine at work doing IP forwarding for a ppp dial-up connection.
> It provides Internet access for me from home, through the company token-
> ring network.
> Tonight, I had accidentally left 2.1.16 running on it - and it seems that
> forwarding does not work (I checked compile-options - forwarding is enabled).
> I can start a ppp connection to the machine; the machine can talk to both
> the "big" network and the ppp network, but no forwarding. tcpdump shows
> that the packets do arrive on the forwarding machine (tcpdump doesn't
> work on token-ring, unfortunately).
> Rebooting 2.0.27 (identical setup) and IP forwarding works. I suspect it
> is related to the new routing code, but if any more information is needed,
> feel free to ask. The problem is definitely reproducible.

Try 'echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwarding'. I had to do this to
get it working. On boot, the value is 2 -- does anyone know what this
means here?

-Neil Moore
(finger for my Geek Code)

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