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SubjectRe: Monochrome support

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Jeff Coy Jr. wrote:

> Is there currenty or is there going to be support for monochrome moniters
> in Linux? I have a 2nd computer, but the only moniter available for it is
> monochrome.

There is. One of my machines is running with a Hercules mono card.

> It works fine in DOS, but under Linux I get a blinking cursor 8 lines from
> the bottom of the screen in the far leftmost column, rather than at the
> point where I am typing. This cursor never moves. I've looked in video.S
> and it doesn't look like there is any support for monochrome moniters, but
> I'm hoping I'm just missing something.

video.S is the wrong place to be looking - that code only does the initial
video setup at boot time. You want vga.c in drivers/char; for better or
worse, VGA is mostly register-level compatible with the old 6845-based

It sounds like there is some bug which stops your card working properly.
What sort of card is it?


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