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    From: (George Bonser)
    Subject: Re: IDE fails to handle my drive / cannot access it
    Date: 21 Dec 1996 03:52:44 GMT
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    In article <>,
    Daniel Plasa <> writes:
    > However, with DOS / Win95 I have no problems creating partitions or
    > installing DOS / Win95.
    > Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
    > Please send me your mail directly, because I am not subscribed to the
    > kernel mailing list.
    > Tanks in advance
    > Daniel.

    Just curious, when you say that it works on Win95, is that using the same
    system or are you moving the drive to another computer to test it?

    I had similar problems once with an IDE controller that would not work with
    EIDE drives.

    George Bonser,

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