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SubjectRe: Resources?

Chai Harjo wrote:
> Steven N. Hirsch wrote:
> >
> >
> > Also, I have found this extremely helpful:
> >
> > - Uresh Valalia, Modern Unix Internals
> >
> Could you give your opinion about "Modern Unix Internals"?
> What is the book trying to cover? Multithreaded Programming?
> Do you know the ISBN?
> Chai Harjo


Uresh Vahalia - Unix Internals, The New Frontiers.
Prentice Hall, 1996
ISBN 0-13-101908-2


In a word, this book is encyclopaedic! It's a painstakingly documented
internal analysis of design choices and tradeoffs, using a handful of
commercial and academic Unices as case studies. He covers absolutely
every major topic of interest to kernel hackers. The writing is quite
even-handed and shows no apparent favoritism towards any one philosophy.

Finally, no, it does not mention Linux :-(. Still worth having. You'd
have to pry my copy out of my cold, dead hands.


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