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SubjectRe: new NTP/PPS patch available

On 29 Nov 96 at 16:27, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

> From: "Ulrich Windl" <>
> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:30:26 +0100
> I also updated the serial driver to make Ted sleep again (he was
> worried a lot about calling do_gettimeoffset() from within the serial
> interrupt routine). I still call do_gettimeoffset() from within
> interrupt, but only if PPS detection is enabled on the corresponding
> port, and the reason for the interrupt was a PPS pulse. I hope that
> Ted is satisfied.
> Note that I am continuing to do work on the serial driver in the 2.1
> release. There have been many changes made recently to improve the
> serial driver's POSIX compatibility, and so any changes you are making
> to the 2.0 driver will likely not apply to the 2.1 serial driver.

I'm aware of that, but currently I just can't afford having 2.1 in
terms of disk space. Anyway, if the thing works in 2.0, I won't mind
if anybody gets it working even better in 2.1. The implementation is
still there to be discussed.

> I still maintain that the serial driver is the wrong places to be
> calling do_gettimeoffset(). The right place to do this would be in the
> interrupt handling routines, if the interrupt handler was registered
> with the appropriate flag.

Now it's also in the interrupt routine (of the serial driver). I'm
afraid you are talking about new features I haven't heard about. Is
there an option to get the time-stamp of an interrupt? That would be
what I need, but currently the time-stamp is only taken if it's
definitely needed, and not for every serial interrupt.

I also got the suggestion to add a streams-like ioctl for

> - Ted

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